Physician Referral

You do have a choice of where to send your patients for physical therapy. We appreciate your trust in our abilities to provide the best care and attention possible to your patients.

Your patients will receive a thorough initial evaluation. They are involved in goal setting and the establishment of a treatment plan. We take an active role to educate your patient about the mechanics and treatment of their injury or condition. Through this, your patients better understand the importance of their roles and how much they can help their own recovery.

Following the patient’s initial evaluation, we will send a report and Plan of Care summarizing our findings. We will also provide you with regular computerized progress notes giving objective measures of your patient’s progress during the treatment period.

For your convenience, please use our downloadable Patient Physical Therapy Referral Form and fax to the desired clinic. If you want to discuss a particular patient, please contact us any time.

Patient Referral Handout

Prescription Form


ASTYM: An Innovative Therapy Approach to Chronic Injuries

(A New Approach to Old Problems)

The ASTYMTM System is a relatively new therapy approach of treating soft tissue injuries causing pain, restricting movement, and limiting function. Treatment can be effective for nagging overuse injuries as well as for new injuries and post-operative scarring. Thomas Sevier, MD, of Performance Dynamics Inc. developed the ASTYM System.

Using the ASTYM System, trained and certified rehabilitation professionals use non-invasive hand-held instruments on the skin to locate and treat dysfunctional areas within the soft tissue causing pain and limitations to movement and use. The treatment process assists in "jump-starting" the body's natural healing process during which abnormal, scarred soft tissue is broken down and reabsorbed into the body.